Using design and writing skills, I specialise in crafting tales about social and environmental innovation.

Design Storytelling is the term I use to describe my work. It is a process of transforming complex information into engaging narratives. Working with collaborators, I use a range of tools according the needs of each project. These include: art practices, design strategy, writing and research.

Through my creative adventures I have come to understand that people’s care for the world they live in depends on their emotional relationship with themselves and their environment and the stories they tell themselves about both. You can learn about what drives me on the Mission page.

Here are five ways in which you can work with me:

1) Content creation (pre-narrative)

Document key events, observe how people interact, identify emergent themes, structure into a cohesive narrative demonstrating impact.

2) Print Communications (structuring stories)

Develop an engaging narrative from complex, diverse information. Where’s the pattern? What’s the tone? Where’s the beginning, middle and end?

3) Dynamic workshops (event production)

With creative vision, workshops can be dynamic, entertaining, and fun. The important thing is to get participants involved physically and mentally.

4) Interactive exhibitions (embodied learning)

Exhibition spaces that engage people. Embodied space and physical learning is an attention grabbing antidote to our screen based culture.

5) Public Speaking (sharing experience)

I relish opportunities to connect in person and welcome invitations to share my specialist knowledge and experience.

Getting started

As an initial offering, I suggest a half day ‘Pick my Brain’ session where I can listen to your current challenges and work with you to develop strategic narrative solutions. Do get in touch – leonora (at)