Leonora Oppenheim

I’m a creative strategist and communications designer exploring the power of purposeful design.

For 15+ years I’ve been innovating across the fields of design, journalism and academia – translating complex information into meaningful narratives for people in their everyday lives – usually around environmental and social challenges.

This happens through visual and participatory storytelling built into exhibitions, installations, workshops, and most recently ‘thinking objects‘.

From 2000, I earned my stripes working for celebrated creative mavericks such as Thomas HeatherwickMarcel Wanders and Atelier Van Lieshout. As early as 2005, I was regularly promoting sustainable design for both online and print publications.

In 2009, I started my own design practice to create groundbreaking projects that build capacity for reflection and co-creation.  In addition to Elio Studio, I was, until April 2017, co-director of Creative Data Projects with Dr. Lucy Hubble Rose. Our design and social science collaboration is now on pause, but there’s lots of interesting public engagement projects still to see over on that site.

I’m grateful for the regular invitations I receive to speak, judge and teach on my specialist areas of knowledge. I’m looking forward to being a judge for the D&AD New Blood Awards 2017.

This year marks my tenth year living in London, having previously lived and worked variously in Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Barcelona, New York and Quito.

I keep a design storytelling journal over here.