Speaking about Data Vis at Future Cities Catapult


Having successfully produced a series of case studies about design in innovation for the KTN’s Design SIG earlier in the year, I was commissioned to create a report about Design & Data Visualisation for the KTN’s members. This report was based on an event that I spoke at in October 2013 at NESTA.

For the launch of the report I wrote about the publication for the KTN site and I was also invited to speak, on May 6th, at the Future Cities Catapult at a Cross-Catapult Design Group Meeting which was used for sharing new ideas across industry.

I spoke about how the report is an introduction to the crucial role of design in data visualisation and all the ways it can be used to better communicate information in this digital age. I highlighted a few of the contemporary data visualisation practitioners who are showcased in the report.

By presenting case studies of their work the Design SIG aims to stimulate thinking on how design and data visualisation can support innovation and deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits.

Reporting on ‘Power, Disruption & Lies’ from The Media Evolution Conference in Malmö


At the end of August I travelled to Copenhagen and Malmö to attend The Conference – a five day extravaganza of workshops, talks and excursions all hosted by Media Evolution. The title of the event was ‘Power, Disruption and Lies’, which propelled a dramatic deep dive into social and antisocial behaviours around media and technology.

The photo above is of the wonderful Ruth Daniels of Un-Convention. She made the most of the rapturous conference crowd by executing her first ever stage dive. As you can see, she pulled it off in style.

You can watch all the talks online and I wrote two pieces for Cool Hunting on the highlights:

The Conference, Part One – “Power, Disruption and Lies” in Malmö at Scandinavia’s largest technology and innovation conference, presented by Media Evolution

The Conference, Part Two – Phones with feelings, our multiple media personalities and more at Scandinavia’s largest technology and innovation conference




Doing the Do at the Do Lectures 2011


I was very excited and honoured to be invited back to the Do Lectures this year with my reporter hat on. After my first experience of Do in 2009 I knew what was in store, but that didn’t make it any less thrilling to be there. Again I met some incredibly inspiring people and have basically been bashing away at the keyboard ever since, trying to convey as much of the exhileration as possible. Have a look at these posts on TreeHugger.

Getting behind the wheel for the Volvo Snowbombing Challenge


I accepted the crazy challenge from Volvo to drive one of their cars from the UK to Austria on one tank of fuel. A feat commonly known as hypermiling. The Volvo Snowbombing Challenge is designed to encourage people from all over Europe to drive to their ski holiday rather than fly. It is a great example of research into real world low carbon living solutions. I must say it was an entertaining drive. Find out if I got stuck on the roadside with an empty tank…

The Volvo Snowbombing Challenge: Drive from the UK to Austria on One Tank of Petrol. Can We Do It?

Reporting for TreeHugger from The Do Lectures in Wales


The Do Lectures are held in a very beautiful green field on Fforest farm in Wales, where you stay in amazing Buckminster Fuller style geodesic domes with stunning views and hang out in the old crofter’s cottage bar.This is definitely an outdoorsy, back to nature, adventurous approach to an ideas conference that focuses on sustainability and creativity both in word and deed. The Do Team describe the event as being a cross between “TED talks, Burning man and Where the Wild things are…A Glastonbury for the mind”, no less!

The Do Lectures: It’s Like TED In A Welsh Field

WaterAid in Ethiopia article published in The Ecologist


For her journey to Ethiopia with WaterAid + Ecover in February 2009 Leonora was commissioned by The Ecologist magazine to write an article about the sustainable development model that the NGO uses when working with communities out there. The resulting piece ‘Lessons on Water’ is published in the May issue of The Ecologist. UPDATE: The Ecologist has since transfered to a solely online platform.

Lessons on Water.