Getting behind the wheel for the Volvo Snowbombing Challenge


I accepted the crazy challenge from Volvo to drive one of their cars from the UK to Austria on one tank of fuel. A feat commonly known as hypermiling. The Volvo Snowbombing Challenge is designed to encourage people from all over Europe to drive to their ski holiday rather than fly. It is a great example of research into real world low carbon living solutions. I must say it was an entertaining drive. Find out if I got stuck on the roadside with an empty tank…

The Volvo Snowbombing Challenge: Drive from the UK to Austria on One Tank of Petrol. Can We Do It?

Reporting from Stockholm on Volvo’s One Tonne Life project.


Last month I was lucky enough to visit the One Tonne Life project in Stockholm to meet the Lindell family, who’ve embarked on a low carbon lifestyle experiment to radically reduce their carbon footprints from an average of seven tonnes per year to just one tonne.

One Tonne Life: Test Driving the Volvo C30 Electric Family Car (Interview)