Celebrating 18 years of Heatherwick Studio at the V&A



I was very honoured to be invited to celebrate the work of Heatherwick Studio at the V&A on June 7th 2012. My time working with Thomas Heatherwick (2000-2001) was the most influential and important of my career. I learnt enormous amounts about generating ideas, collaboration, model making, details and the power of perfectionism during my apprenticeship in the studio, and later when I returned for several more model making projects while I was studying design Goldsmiths.

I’m so grateful to Thomas for the time he took to teach and mentor me during this early period in the studio’s trajectory. Kudos must also go to architect Kieran Gaffney, Thomas’ right hand man,¬†who taught me on my first day the difference between a hack saw and a hand saw. Later he taught me photoshop and illustrator and throughout he taught me about time keeping and the discipline of working hard. He runs a tight ship ol’ Gaffney!

Reuniting at the V&A with all the amazing characters who have worked at Heatherwick Studio over the years was such a joy and it was fantastic to see the retrospective exhibition of the studio’s work in the museum. I was particularly proud to see at least one of the Christmas cards on show (above) that I spent many meticulous hours making. It’s funny to think that I sometimes found that intricate making process agonising, but now I yearn for more hands on work and long to be back in the workshop.