Transformational tales with Heroes & Super Villains at Burning Man


In August 2012 I went to the Burning Man festival in the Nevada desert for the first time. It is hard to find the words to describe the extraordinary experience that spending seven days in the dust was, but I know that my time there was absolutely made by the fact I was in the Heroes & Super Villains camp.

Surviving in the desert can be really challenging, but thankfully this awesome, kind and loving group of people were long time burners and knew exactly what they were doing.

In the run up to arriving on the Playa I was put in charge of the camp’s online experience with my friend and digital guru Lea Simpson. Together we designed a site that explored the concept of transformation, specifically the moment when a Super hero/villain becomes their alter ego.

We asked each member of the camp to make a short film about their transformational experience which we collated together on H&SV TV. In this way we all got to know a little bit about each other before we hit the dust together. Without doubt this made our shared experience in the Heroes & Super Villains camp all the more special.

“Once Upon a Time”  is the film I made about my transformation and below is the mash up film of all the videos that Lea and I edited together and showed to the camp on our first night in the desert. Here are my photos on Flickr of Burning Man 2012 – truly a once in a lifetime experience.