Speaking about Data Vis at Future Cities Catapult


Having successfully produced a series of case studies about design in innovation for the KTN’s Design SIG earlier in the year, I was commissioned to create a report about Design & Data Visualisation for the KTN’s members. This report was based on an event that I spoke at in October 2013 at NESTA.

For the launch of the report I wrote about the publication for the KTN site and I was also invited to speak, on May 6th, at the Future Cities Catapult at a Cross-Catapult Design Group Meeting which was used for sharing new ideas across industry.

I spoke about how the report is an introduction to the crucial role of design in data visualisation and all the ways it can be used to better communicate information in this digital age. I highlighted a few of the contemporary data visualisation practitioners who are showcased in the report.

By presenting case studies of their work the Design SIG aims to stimulate thinking on how design and data visualisation can support innovation and deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits.

Speaking at the RCA about Creative Data


In January of 2013 I was invited to speak at the Royal College of Art to the first year students on the IDE Platform. I have worked with Clare Brass as a visiting tutor for the IDE platform in previous years, so I understand quite a bit of what their ‘Innovation, Design, Engineering’ course is about. I spoke as part of the department’s Inspire Lecture series, where practitioners come in to speak about their recent work.

I spoke to the students about The Butterfly Effect Project – a project about the future of The Norfolk Broads in collaboration with the University of East Anglia, The Broads Authority and Anglian Water. This was the pilot project for the Creative Data initiative I started in order to bring designers and scientists together to communicate social and environmental issues to the public.

Chairing the Design Science Debate at Central St Martins


In March I was invited by the newly formed Design Science Research Group to chair a debate called Parallel Processes, which asked how designers and scientists approach their work and what were the similarities and differences. It was hosted in the Louis Vuitton (ooh la la) lecture theatre in the new Central St Martins building in Kings Cross – a truly amazing piece of new architecture in London town. It was all rather exciting and I enjoyed meeting the fascinating panellists. On the science side we had Stephen Curry, a structural biologist from Imperial College and Geraint Rees of the Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience. On the design side we had two brilliant interaction designers Daisy Ginsberg of E.Chromi and Joel Gethin Lewis of Hellicar Lewis.

Talking about Creative Data in the Samsung Centre at British Museum


Due to the wonder of Twitter Shelley Mannion, from the Samsung Centre at the British Museum, found out about Creative Data. Consequently she kindly invited me to take part in the Samsung Digital Learning Adventures event at the museum. I spoke about Creative Data Projects as opportunities to display and communicate data in interesting ways.

Seminar for Environmental Technology MSc at Imperial College


I found myself unexpectedly acting as understudy to Chris Rapley, Director of the Science Museum, the other evening, with barely a few hours notice. It was unfortunate for Chris who was taken ill, but fortunate for me to find myself lecturing 150+ Environmental Technology MSc students about the fun we’re having developing Creative Data Projects. A spontaneously good time was had by all – thanks Imperial!

Presenting at What Women Make evening at LDF


The lovely Chauncey Zalkin was kind enough to invite me to take part in the What Women Make gathering at the Sense Loft in Soho during the London Design Festival. It was a great opportunity for me to think about what it means for me to be a female designer and its relative significance in Elio Studio’s work.



Presenting at Cineforum conference in London


Cineforum – The Road To Ecotopia – creating a shared strategic vision for a sustainable future in a one day conference in London with speakers such as Hunter Lovins and Dianne Dionne Ridgley. Leonora presented in the Communities and Communication session, talking about the importance of engaging communities at both the global and local level to create capacity for change. Other speakers in this session during the day were eminent climate scientist David Wasdell and science-fiction expert Louis Savy.



Wise Women Speaker Database


Leonora is now featured on the Wise Women Speaker Database set up by wise woman Polly Higgins of Trees Have Rights Too. UPDATE: This Polly Higgin’s recent work – Eradicating Ecocide. “Our vision is a world where peace exists and where love is all; where people and planet are put first and the well-being of the Earth community bring harmony to all. Our mission is to ensure that the law of Ecocide is fully implemented by all nations by 2020.”