The Butterfly Effect featured on BBC Radio, TreeHugger & Green Girls Global

The Butterfly Effect

BBC Radio  – 21st May 2009
Living a sustainable Norfolk life

The first Norwich and Norfolk Sustainable Living Festival looks at how our ‘green’ actions can benefit future generations. More than 30 organisations are hosting exhibitions, debates, workshops and activities around sustainable living at The Forum in Norwich…

Green Girls Global – 27th May 2009
The Butterfly Effect gets people thinking about the future

Do you know what’s going to happen tomorrow? How about in 10 years time? Or even 100 years? Do you know what kind of houses we’ll be living in, how we’ll travel to work or school, what kind of food we will eat, or what will the landscape will look like?…

TreeHugger – 28th May 2009 
‘The Butterfly Effect’ – An Interactive Exhibit

Interactive Map Engages Public on how Climate Change Effects their Future. TreeHugger spends an awful lot of time discussing technological solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges. Whether it’s industrial solar cookers, the latest electric cars or solar planes…