Speaking about Data Vis at Future Cities Catapult


Having successfully produced a series of case studies about design in innovation for the KTN’s Design SIG earlier in the year, I was commissioned to create a report about Design & Data Visualisation for the KTN’s members. This report was based on an event that I spoke at in October 2013 at NESTA.

For the launch of the report I wrote about the publication for the KTN site and I was also invited to speak, on May 6th, at the Future Cities Catapult at a Cross-Catapult Design Group Meeting which was used for sharing new ideas across industry.

I spoke about how the report is an introduction to the crucial role of design in data visualisation and all the ways it can be used to better communicate information in this digital age. I highlighted a few of the contemporary data visualisation practitioners who are showcased in the report.

By presenting case studies of their work the Design SIG aims to stimulate thinking on how design and data visualisation can support innovation and deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits.

Visualising the Circular Economy Proposal for Ellen Macarthur Foundation


I was delighted, in December, to be invited by the Ellen Macarthur Foundation to make a design proposal for Ellen’s upcoming presentation at the Big Bang science festival in March 2012. The brief was to find an engaging and dynamic way of communicating the Circular Economy to an audience of teenagers. It was the perfect challenge and a great exercise in designing audience participation. We put together several exciting ideas which involved the audience creating the presentation content while Ellen took the role of conductor. Unfortunately our proposal was a little too ambitious for the timescale available, but we look forward to working with the Ellen Macarthur Foundation again soon to implement some of our ideas.