Getting back to nature with Wild Thing & Good For Nothing


I spent another fantastic weekend with the Good For Nothing crew in July 2012 at the site of a previous GFN project Global Generation‘s skip garden in Kings Cross. This weekend was slightly different in that there was only one brief to work on and that was Project Wild Thing, a documentary by production company Green Lions about nature deficit disorder in kids.

Around 60 creatives and planners turned up to volunteer their skills for the weekend, we sheltered from the rain in a Moroccan tent and set about devising ideas of how to get kids and families to spend more time in nature.

Working with Victoria Brooks, and other members of our team, I ignored the brief targeted at 8-12 year olds and devised a national programme for 0-8 year olds, feeling that it was important to talk to parents about the positive impacts of nature from birth.

The programme, designed to be integrated with the NHS, is called Out & About and encourages parents to get their kids outdoors in different ways throughout their early childhood. You can read more about my experience with Project Wild Thing and how Out & About featured in the finished documentary here.