Opening of The Butterfly Effect Schools Exhibition


Yes. We are nearly there. This is the completion of a three year project all about the future of The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. The Butterfly Effect is our first major project under the Creative Data umbrella. This exhibition in The Forum in Norwich shows off the amazing work done by ten primary schools in Norfolk. Through the creative learning activities in the bespoke education pack we made for them, these schools present variety of vibrant visions, including drawings, sculptures, quilts and animations. Their beautiful work shows how young people imagine their future landscapes.

Launch of Creative Data Installation – The Butterfly Effect


The Butterfly Effect is a visually powerful, interactive exhibit which invites visitors to find their own points of view on the future of The Norfolk Broads. With the point of view that our personal choices help shape our future landscapes we invite people to come and contribute to our map of The Broads with stickers representing different land uses. The map evolves daily as more and more stickers are added, creating a real time Butterfly Effect over the week of the exhibition.