Speaking at Design Junction 2014


I was kindly invited to speak about my work in September by Aidan Walker, curator of the Design Junction seminars. It’s always fun, if nerve wracking, to be asked to speak about what I’m doing with design storytelling and particularly with Creative Data.

I was especially pleased to be speaking at a mainstream London Design Festival event such as Design Junction, rather than a sustainability side show. I think it’s good news that curators like Aidan are programming a diverse range of speakers that use environmental design at the core of their work.

I was on stage alongside the NYC design firm UHURU who make beautiful furniture and interiors from sustainably sources materials. I think our different approaches contrasted nicely on the common theme of social and environmental awareness.

Presenting at What Women Make evening at LDF


The lovely Chauncey Zalkin was kind enough to invite me to take part in the What Women Make gathering at the Sense Loft in Soho during the London Design Festival. It was a great opportunity for me to think about what it means for me to be a female designer and its relative significance in Elio Studio’s work.



Interviewing designers in the DeTnk TV Studio at Tent London


Having been interviewed by Max Fraser on the DeTnk TV sofa at the 2008 London design Festival, the shoe is now on the other foot, so to speak, as Leonora takes the role of interviewer and speaks to a selection of designers whose work addresses environmental issues in some way. Watch out for the upcoming interviews with Jair StraschnowAlessia GiardinoMiska Miller-LovegroveMaxim Velcovsky and the Keep Cup team.


Miska Miller-Lovegrove at the DeTnk.TV Studio at Tent London

Jair Straschnow at the DeTnk.Tv Studio at Tent London