Joining in the first Good for Nothing event in London.


A new kind of freestyle creative collaborative event has been born under the title Good for Nothing. Due to the initiative, gumption and blagging skills of Tom Farrand, Tom Rowley and Dan Burgess (aka The Pipeline Project) GFN brought together an amazing bunch of creatives one weekend in chilly December to help develop communication, design and branding strategies for three amazing non-profits. I was delighted to work on the Global Generation brief: working with young people and businesses to create urban gardens. It was, all in all, an amazing, intense and very rewarding experience. I’m look forward to doing some more Good For Nothing sometime soon.

Local Global Thanksgiving – collaboration with Yinka Shonibare, Guest Projects and Latitudinal Cuisine.


Our meticulously planned and scrumtiously executed event took place on Saturday. The five most prominent ethnic cultures in a mile radius from Guest Projects were deduced, and with the help of Alex Haw and his tasty touch of Latitudinal Cuisine the idea of everyone creating a dish from one of the local cultures came about. Yinka Shonibare was kind enough to have Guest Projects host the event, and the evening was a great success!