The Additive Toolbox


The Additive Toolbox, July- November 2014


Forum for the Future (UK) / Plan C (Belgium)


Production design: communication design, print design, packaging design, copywriting


Develop a toolkit that will help the additive manufacturing industry (3D Printing) design with purpose while making a positive contribution to the world. The toolkit will be given to designers, makers and manufacturers who enter Plan C’s Additive Challenge – a design competition, using additive manufacturing, for products and services that serve both people and planet.


I collaborated with fellow designer Joana Casaca Lemos on this project. We were commissioned by Forum for the Future who were in turn advising Plan C on their iMade project which looked at the sustainability issues with the additive manufacturing industry – which they termed the third industrial revolution. Joana and I worked together to create the overall form and identity of the Additive Toolbox, with Joana executing the graphic elements while I focused on the copywriting and messaging.


The Additive Toolbox included a poster, a set of postcards and a worksheet. These tools outline 6 making principles and 6 maker communities to guide designers, makers and manufacturers through the considerations of materials, production methods and life cycle for their products. The toolbox prototype was produced by Plan C in Belgium and sent out to all entrants to the Additive Challenge to help them consider the social and environmental issues related to their designs. The first finalist in the competition will be revealed in October 2015. Updates are available on the project website.