Sightlines Exhibition


SCIBE – Sightlines Exhibition, The Mayor’s Parlour in Bromley-by-Bow, June 2013




Production design: curation, exhibition design, graphic design, print design


Pull together architectural research and community projects from the Scarcity and Creativity in the Built Environment programme. This EU funded research explores the relationship between scarcity and creativity in the context of the built environment by investigating how conditions of scarcity might affect the creativity of the different actors involved in the production of architecture and urban design, and how design-led actions might improve the built environment in the future.


In collaboration with curator Crystal Bennes, Leonora conceived a theme for the SCIBE exhibition, that of Sightlines, to represent the local context of the architectural projects created with members of the Bromley-by-Bow community. Using The Mayor’s Parlour gallery space in Bromley-by-Bow, the exhibition was designed to represent the creativity that can be found in deprived urban environments and the spirit of making the most of what you have on offer.

Crystal and Leonora liased with the architecture teams to bring their work together for the exhibition, with the help of Flora Bowden from the Seed Foundation. Kerry Ryan of Mayor’s Parlour assisted in the sourcing of materials and installation of the exhibition. Crystal and Leonora invited Dougald Hine to write an introductory text for the exhibition catalogue.


Sightlines was a cleverly networked exhibition with colour coded lines connecting the work on the walls to the context of the larger SCIBE project on a huge banner in the main corridor space. The lines also lead people from the street entrance of the Bow House through the corridors and up the stairs to the 1st floor, acting as intriguing visual signage that pulled people up the Mayor’s Parlour and then guided them around the gallery space.

Dougald Hine’s story ‘Seasons of Scarcity’ was printed on the exhibition catalogue in both English and Bengali. The catalogue also featured introductory texts to the four main SCIBE projects and the architecture teams that worked on them – Booom Collaboration, BOW DIY, BOWNANZA, Community Collabor-8.

The exhibition also featured a large selection of photographs taken by Bromley-by-Bow community members who had been given cameras and asked to document their local area.

In the main gallery space two walls were fully covered in an enlarged A-Z map of the local area. Visitors to the exhibition were invited to write suggestions of what they would like to see in Bromley-by-Bow and then stick them on the map in a particular location.

For the exhibition opening the BOWNANZA team served delicious Bengali dishes from their customised street food bike on The Mayor’s Parlour roof terrace.