My job is to translate complex information into meaningful narratives for people in their everyday lives.

Through creative storytelling and working collaboratively my work inspires businesses and individuals to create positive change. I believe forging emotional connections between people and their environment is one of the greatest design challenges of our time. Designing those connections is what gets me out of bed in the morning. You can learn more about my work on the Working With Me page.

My guiding principles for design storytelling are:


I believe positive behaviour change starts with an emotional connection. In order to create a deeper understanding of social and environmental issues we need to design engaging conversations with people. This is my starting point.


I work with artists, architects, scientists and curators to bring a richness of experience and skills to every project, enabling new connections and fresh perspectives. Innovation is all about uniting existing things in new ways.


Being “of our time” means embracing contemporary culture and the current needs within it. Through my creative work I see myself as part of the cultural fabric of society that develops delightful creative concepts and solutions.


What do our future landscapes look like? How will we live with scarce resources, degraded land and polluted cities? My work on the environment is a thoughtful focus on a desire to enable a healthy future for everyone.


People are the key. Who are you and what do you care about? I work with local people in local places on issues that are meaningful to them. Whether your community is a business, university, village, or street, I want to tell your story.


Nothing is worth working for if there isn’t a whiff of fun and excitement in the air. I’m enthusiastic and energetic about my work and see the challenges that lie ahead as all part of life’s great adventure.

If you’d like me to design your story, please do get in touch – leonora [at] eliostudio.com