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07.05.10 – Make Hay Blog

Meet our Clients…Elio Studio

Leonora of Elio Studio has worked with Make Hay for some time, being one of our longest-standing Green Hosting and web design clients. She is also a good friend of Green Girls Global. So, a warm welcome please…

January 2010 – Co-opportunity – Join Up for a Sustainable, Resilient, Prosperous World

by John Grant

Chapter 9 – Putting Co-operative Responsibility into Action, Shared Texts, p.186

“Creative Data is the title of a project by Leonora Oppenheim, a designer (founder of Elio Studio) who writes for TreeHugger. Leonora produced The Butterfly Effect – first of a planned series of such events, in Norwich, using climate data and mapping from the Tyndall Centre and working with social scientists from UEA. Here local people could interact with a massive map of the Norfolk Broads on the floor (of the Forum in the town centre).

The key question was ‘where are your priorities for this area?’ (conservation, agriculture or tourism?). This was something people had to indicate by placing stickers – interacting with other people’s choices. For me, this is another kind of shared text; instead of passively receiving plans you are engaging with the real trade offs. This is a different frame to receive scientific information in.”

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05.11.09 – Future Radio

Mike Stevens talks to Leonora Oppenheim about the Broads and the Butterfly Effect Project

Leonora Oppenheim of Elio Studio talks about the progress of the arts project linking the Norfolk Broads with local schools. It brings into visual focus evironmental issues around the Broads and their uses for leisure and pleasure…

28.05.09 – TreeHugger

‘The Butterfly Effect’ – An Interactive Exhibit on our Future in a Change Climate

Interactive Map Engages Public on how Climate Change Effects their Future
TreeHugger spends an awful lot of time discussing technological solutions to climate change and other environmental challenges. Whether it’s industrial solar cookers, the latest electric cars or solar planes, there’s no doubt that technological innovation can be a huge boon to environmental sustainability. But what about social innovation? If we’re going to find a way out of the mess we’ve created, then finding new ways to interpret and relate to our environment is going to be at least as important as inventing the latest fancy gizmos…

27.05.09 – Green Girls Global

The Butterfly Effect gets people thinking about the future

Do you know what’s going to happen tomorrow? How about in 10 years time? Or even 100 years? Do you know what kind of houses we’ll be living in, how we’ll travel to work or school, what kind of food we will eat, or what will the landscape will look like? The uncertainty of the future can be exciting for some and worrying for others, but what’s certain is that we all have a significant part to play in what lies ahead…

21.09.08 –

Interview with Leonora Oppenheim at the Studio

We were lucky enough to snag a few minutes with Sustainable Design Consultant Leonora Oppenheim at this year’s studio at Tent London. Convinced that sustainability is the most important and exciting challenge facing designers today, Leonora talks with Max Fraser about  her thoughts on climate change, greenwashing and the way forward…

15.11.07 – Ethical Heroes

Interview with Leonora Oppenheim of TreeHugger

What’s the best bit about your job? Keeping myself aware + educated, but more importantly the privilege of getting to tell other people’s stories: highlighting the amazing work that is being done by individuals all over the world and bringing it to a wider audience…