I specialise in crafting narratives about social and environmental innovation.

With 15+ years working in design innovation and 10+ years leading creative communications projects for academic, government, and third sector organisations, I have a clear track record of delivering ambitious projects that make an impact.

Using bold creative and participatory approaches, my work translates complex information into meaningful narratives for people in their everyday lives, through exhibitions, workshops and graphic visualisations.

I have worked on projects for, among others: the Royal Society of Arts, the Knowledge Transfer Network, the University of Exeter, IDEO and Policy Lab – I make it a priority to work with organisations focused on developing solutions to improve people’s lives for an abundant and resilient future.


Within my practice I focus on three things:


To every project I bring 15+ years experience in design thinking, graphic design and installation design. Whether I am creating a workshop, a printed report or an exhibition, I know my multidisciplinary skills can elevate engagement with the content, both visually and experientially.


Play is a rare experience in the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and yet it encourages creative thinking, even about the most serious of challenges. When people are allowed to play, through making with their hands, conversation, and teamwork, they let go of confined thinking and new possibilities open up to them.


The strategic effectiveness of design and play means nothing without participation. In each project I think about ways in which people can participate and feel involved, rather than just be passive recipients of information. I am particularly interested in embodied space and physical learning as an attention grabbing antidote to our screen based culture.


Getting started

As an initial offering, I suggest a half day ‘Pick my Brain’ session where I can listen to your current challenges and work with you to develop strategic storytelling solutions. I relish opportunities to connect in person and welcome invitations to share my specialist knowledge and experience through public speaking, guest lectures and visiting tutor work. Do get in touch – leonora (at) adaml181.sg-host.com